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We know that us women seem to always put ourselves last.  If we are a wife and a mom, we tend to always make sure everyone else has what they need first.  Over time of taking care of everyone else, we lose who we are or that sexy side of us. 

Some of us ladies just got done with a break-up, about to get married, did a body makeover or maybe even gained some weight and just want those sexy pictures done and we are all for it!!!  All of us walk through different seasons and its okay to find that inner sexy and showcase it!  No matter your age, your size, or what you have gone through, just do the pictures girly!!
Don't hold off anymore!

We work hard on making sure when you walk through those doors that you are pampered and that it is all about YOU!!!! Then for the rest of the day, you are glammed up and can go on a date or hit the night with the ladies!

Why Boudoir?

in the Chelsea Plaza Building downtown of Wichita Falls, Texas

Our luxury studio

After our hair and makeup artist is done, we will go over your clothing options that you have either brought with you or have picked out of our client closet and will go over all of the steps to getting you ready for your session.  We will then walk over into the next room that is attached, into the main studio!  We have roughly 6 different areas of shooting space to change up different styles depending on the outfits.  We can change the lighting with our black out curtains to highlight more light on your skin or give you more of a darker shadow look!

We are the first ever Luxury Boudoir Studio located in the heart of downtown Wichita Falls, Texas. We are in a historical updated beautiful building on the 3rd floor overlooking 8th Street with an entire wall of windows for that natural light!  When you walk into our studio, we will have our wonderful hair and makeup artist ready to glam you up in our comfortable chair with natural light for her to transform you.  In the same space we also have a wall for privacy from the public, snacks and drinks for you to enjoy, our ever growing client closet wardrobe and our changing room.

our studio

a little bit about

Boudoir is where a woman can be herself and be in a comfortable environment and bring out her sexy side!  
When you book with us, you will get the full experience with laughs, stories, sexy music playing and a great time.  We make sure you are comfortable, pampered, and want to show off what you are willing and wanting to show off!  There is no pressure with us to be naked, but we will ask and give you ideas of still showing off a little skin without being fully exposed.  For the ladies who want to show it all off, we are here for you too!!  We do have boundries and limits as we wont do porn style photos, but we do want to give you tasteful sexy images for you to treasure forever!

: a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.



Rachel the photographer + Chaela the hair & makeup artist

meet the team!

My name is Rachel and this is Chaela!!  Fun fact about us is that we are cousins by marriage.  Chaela is a well known self taught hair and makeup artist and always makes our ladies look naturally sexy! She can go super glam with the smoky eye or keep it more natural but still glam you up!  Chaela is actually a photographer as well in Altus, Oklahoma so she knows exactly what looks good in photos.  She travels to every single one of our sessions just for you!

I started doing photography back in 2009.  Even though the first 9 years, I didn't pursue it like I should have, since 2018 I have been going strong!  The first year of jumping back in after I got married, I stumbled across Boudoir.  On my very first session, I knew this is something that I wanted to specialize in.  I worked at Lane Bryant years ago and saw so many women of all sizes come in and not feeling confident and once we helped them find that outfit and they walked out ready to rule the world, I felt so happy!! This is exactly how Boudoir makes me feel! 

Before & After

Once a year we have our Perfectly Imperfect Sessions where a group of ladies who sign up, go and do a fun session together showcasing to the world that we are all Perfectly Imperfect!

Hollywood has taught us that we should look a certain way, be a certain way but in reality,  we all have walked different paths, we all have different shapes, sizes, journeys, etc.

Each lady comes up with a quote on a body part that society tells us how it should look or even a body part that they are working on and it lets everyone know that we are not perfect, but that we are perfectly imperfect!

Perfectly Imperfect

after hours

mini sessions

neon lights in studio

shower scene

mini sessions

fake shower scene in studio

booty & boob

mini sessions

in studio

Each month we try and have a fun session that is different than our Luxury Boudoir Sessions for the returning clients, the new clients who have something particular in mind, or the ones who just want to try something different and new!! 

mini sessions

outside session

car wash

mini sessions

outside session

paint me

mini sessions

outside session

floral boudoir


You will start by booking a session with us and our session fee includes everything listed.

Our collections and products prices are separate and when you reach out to us, we can send you over our price guides.


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