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I love late nights, real laughs, genuine love, fresh air, and the kind of dream clients like when it comes to going on an adventure. If you're into photos that feel as real as you are, you want your memories made to last, and you'd like to make a friend  in the process, keep scrolling, We can't wait to meet you. 

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March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month. I have shared in a previous post about my cancer story and how cancer touches close to home with me of all kinds. When I hear someone who is going through dialysis, waiting on a list for a kidney, or is fighting the fight of kidney cancer, I instantly […]

Meet Melia!  She is a ball of energy and loves life!  Melia was so excited and ready to take pictures in spite of it being 36 degrees outside.  We have had 3 different days of taking pictures and each session I feel like I’ve had a different season.  The first session had alot of greenery, […]

Angelica is such a sweetheart and a Survivor!  Her daughter Daisy saw the Stay Strong ad and entered her mom! I am going to put exactly what Daisy said when she wrote me I saw that you are giving away sessions to cancer patients. My mom is current on her last week of radiation. She […]

Since I have been doing the annual Stay Strong cancer portrait session, I thought it would be a good time to share my story.  I always joke and said cancer runs in my family like water, because it seems to be true and the sad part is, its all different kinds of cancer, not just […]

Have you ever faced cancer, whether it was you or a loved one?  I have to say, most people know or have known someone who has had that dreadful C word told to them.  I happen to be one of those people.  My mom died when I was 16 of ovarian cancer and a few […]

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