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July 27, 2018

When I decided to really do a transition for my business, I really thought of my clients and what they would want.  With my old packages that I offered, I kept it simple thinking that it would be easy to choose from. As I dove deeper, I thought if it was me who was going to pick a photographer and I was using my money, I would want to be able to choose what I want.  So I decided to offer 4 packages for basic sessions (not wedding) and a guide for what would fit best for the type of session my clients would be interested in.  This way, it gives them options and what fits best in their budget!  I also have realized that people want the WHOLE session, not just what I choose!  So Joyful Memories Photography will now offer all edited pictures of their session!

With my Mini session, which is the cheapest package, I really wanted to offer something that was quick and something simple.  In the past, I have had people come up to me and literally want 5 pictures of them or of them and their child.  They didn’t want a long session, but just a few pictures to have.  Also, for the little ones who’s patience runs thin, this would be a good package, because lets me honest, no little one wants to sit and smile at some crazy lady who’s trying to grab their attention (haha).

The Elegant package is the most popular, with a 30 minute session which usually is for portraits and couples.  In 30 minutes I can get a lot of great pictures, in different locations with also different poses!  These are for basic, lets have fun, you came for what you wanted pictures!

The Joyful package is the package you want when it may take a little longer to do a photo shoot.  This package is great for maternity sessions, when the mom wants her belly pictures or with the husband.  Sometimes depending on the mom, she will want a change of clothes from her belly showing, to a dress. Also this package would be good for Engagement sessions.  Even though the last package is good for couples, this one will be focused on wedding invitations, pictures for the wedding and also ring shots!  This is a great time to go over the style and theme of the wedding so the pictures will match the big day!

Last but not least our Majestic package is the royal of them all.  I chose Graduation and Newborns for this one, because we all know that graduation and newborns are a big deal!  With the graduates, you have spent years working to get your diploma and we want to focus on you and your success!  This is where you can have up to 3 changes of clothes to show your style and also your cap and gown! With the little babies, they are so precious and if your parent to a newborn you know that they go through hungry and sleepy back to back.  This way we can have different wrappings and outfits and we can work on the baby’s time!  This package is for 1 1/2 hours long. We don’t need to rush these times in our lives, these take time and we want to focus on the memories!

We also offer many other sessions, but these are the most popular, so if you want pictures with your fur baby or want glamour shots, contact Joyful Memories Photography and we can talk together about which package is best for which session you want.  I am here to help you pick what is best for you!


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