Portrait session | Malea

August 1, 2018

Malea was so much fun to work with!  She is turning into a young lady and at the fun age where she is learning her style and who she truly is.  We did go with a mix of mature and a bit of fairy tale.  When I got all the pictures up, to me the pictures told a story, her story!  She had fun with the balloons and props and she knew exactly how to pose and even did better then what I was directing her to do!  Malea truly told her story!!

We had an open field with some trees in her mature dress with the balloons and I knew I wanted to capture these moments before we lost the sun and the pictures of the sun glow through the trees were top 5 favorite.  I’ve learned that sometimes the places that are less likely where you would take a picture, end up being one of my top favorites.  When we were walking across the street to go to another location, I captured her with the balloons and they were everyone’s favorite location for them!


The castle was so cute and it was so much fun taking these pictures.  I had made the tutu a couple of days before and she was a trooper in wanting to wear it!  Girls are so much fun to have photo sessions.  They love to dress up and get sassy, pretend to be model like, and just have fun!!  Here’s Malea’s story!

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