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August 13, 2018

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I don’t know about you, but I like to stay in my own little bubble.  I get scared to go out on a limb to try new items or new products because I am scared that I wont like them, or they wont work the way I want them too and then I just wasted my money.

Wal-mart has this beauty box that comes out every 3 months for $5.00 that has beauty products in them from hair to body.  I have gotten so many goodies and in fact one time, my whole box consisted of regular sized products and not the travel size.  This box didn’t seem as big, but nonetheless they are products that I know that I wouldn’t even buy, even if it was cheap in the store.

Target also has a beauty box that you can get and also now carries a mans grooming box and I believe their price is around $7.00 for every 3 months.  I haven’t heard my friends talk about these boxes and didn’t know if alot of people knew that these existed!

I told you that this blog of mine will be some random stuff of my life and some business talk and of course photo shoots!  It dosent hurt also that I get to play with taking pictures of products and explore creativeness with items around the house and also lighting!!

Also, if you know that you will be having a photo shoot soon or you like to throw items in your bag for a rainy day, this box will also get you ready for that!




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