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September 4, 2018

When I started to add additional sites to my business, Pinterest was one of them!  How many times do we need ideas, recipes, arts and crafts and yes, even photo shoot ideas and go straight to Pinterest?  *raises hand*  I know I do and its helped me so much a long the way.  Not only do I use it for personal and business work, but I just enjoy looking at all the creative ideas that people come up with.  I love the fact that the internet has an easy, quick way to access so many great ideas really fast.  When my husband and I last October really decided to want to lose some weight before we got married, I lived on Pinterest, with food ideas and also ways to work out.  As my business has been growing, I also have been looking for ways to see other peoples ideas and join them all together to make something of my own.

Last time this year when I was planning my wedding, I kept adding and adding to things I wanted to incorporate everything I found because of Pinterest and the ideas of a “winter wedding” could be.  I have to admit, that at times, my husband got aggravated cause it usually included him making something or us needing to go out and get supplies, but it did all turn out great, with no regrets.

So when I decided to start Pinterest with my business, I knew I was going to be adding more work and more time into something that may or may no succeed, but I do love the fact that I went ahead and did it.  I still get ideas off of the website, but more importantly, I’m adding my own!  I hope that some of my pictures can help, motivate, encourage or even give some people some ideas from what I have done.  Also, I truly enjoy that if you are one of my clients, that some of your session will be displayed for you to pin to your own Pinterest.

If you look at the top left corner of my pictures, you can push that icon to pin it to your Pinterest.

You can check out my Pinterest page here:                   


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