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September 10, 2018

I talked before on how much photography means to me and how important it is to capture “right now”.  Well my husband is alot similar in the same way.  Its not natural for him to pick up a camera or to snap a picture in the moment, but I know its not second nature for everyone.  I know my husband loves to look back and see the memories, and so that’s why he came to me and asked to take pictures of him and his dad.

Joseph told me that he didn’t have alot of pictures of just them two growing up and that’s understandable, considering two dudes living together, I know that “selfies” wasn’t high on the list! I also think we all get to a point in our life when its really the small things that are what you want to remember, the intimate times, the jokes, the laughter’s, no schedule, just enjoying time together!  Saturday, we had that day!  Summer was a very busy, tight income (thanks electric bill) kind of summer and we didn’t have alot of extra to go and do things.  As the weather is cooling off and fall is approaching, I know it makes me want to go outside and have fun way more than usual.

Josephs dad asked if we had any plans that weekend and we didn’t.  We all decided to meet up in Lawton in the mountains and eat lunch and go from there.  So we ate at Meer’s, which if you don’t know what that is, is a hole in wall, looks like it can be blown down and any moments kind of restaurant, but they have some good food.  After lunch, we went to the parallel forest which is down the road from Meer’s to start taking some pictures.  Josephs dad Jimmy had never been there before and so it was a fun experience, but also there were 2 other photographers doing the same thing.  We left, headed out and saw a field of purple flowers and I had to stop.  I knew they were men and may not enjoy it as much,but they were troopers and my father in law actually picked me one and gave it to me!!!  Hes so sweet.

We went across the street and then that’s where you will see the mountain in the background.  These are probably my favorite of them all.  What I love most about the pictures is the love you see between a father and a son.  They have a bond that is unbreakable and I think its a beautiful thing!  They are so similar and so hardheaded and even butt heads at times, but I know they are like super glue!!  You just got to sit back and let them handle it!

After the fun photography session, we went to the Holy City.  This was pretty much Josephs first time, considering he was so young when he last went and it was nice.  We all walked around, talked, joked and caught up and  I got to go around and take pictures of everything. I do have to say that one thing I loved about this session is that I tried some new things.  I added matte to some pictures and changed my usual black and white into a more grungy look.

Overall it was a fun day and I feel blessed.These pictures will be captured forever and we will always have that day and how much fun it was.  A reminder to all of you, to take a day and have fun, laugh, joke, play around and snap those pictures away!!!!



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