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October 11, 2018

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As far as I can remember, I have always had a young heart.  My mom actually put me a year ahead when I was young, because my birthday was in October and back then I believe you couldn’t start school if your birthday was after September.  Since I was in daycare and they already had kindergarten there, my mom went ahead and put me in private school for 1st grade. So, because of starting school a year earlier than I would have and also my mom sheltering me, I would say I lived in a bubble.

My mom passed away when I was 16 and before she passed, she gently had to quickly teach me and tell me things that she wanted me to know in my life, like having good credit will you get far in life even if you have alot of money or dont.  She told me to always keep my morals and values in tack and she told me to not ever change what I believed in for a man.  There was so many other things, but because she passed away, I found myself writing my tuition checks for school or trying to figure out bills with my grandpa.  I had to grow up quick and worry about things that alot didnt have too!  By no means am I complaing about my life, because I was a very blessed child and didnt have to worry about alot of other things that some kids worry about.

I know my spirit is young though.  I remember turning 20 years old and just thinking “In 10 years I’m going be 30!”, then 25  hit “Oh my goodness, I’m halfway to the 30 mark”.  Not sure why 30 scared me so much, maybe I felt like then I would have to grow up!!  Here I am, turned 33 yesterday and a week ago I decided I wanted to do some photo pictures of me!!  Not just some photos that I’m sure any other soon to be 33 year old would do.  I needed to go big!!!   Which is why I wanted to do my very own cake smash!! Who said only 1 year olds get to have fun!!!???

I actually had seen some other photo shoot ideas with birthdays turning 30, 40 or even 21 and it just seemed so much fun and you can be so creative!!  Everyone’s personalities are so different and I just think thats such a beautiful thing, so why not let it shine through photos!!  I didnt think this session was going to be in my cards.  Three weeks ago is when I originally planned to do the session.  I got dolled up, put on fake eye lashes, baked my own cake and everything.  We went to go run some errands before, because I was waiting on the sun for that evening glow and while we were out it started pouring, like hurricane flooding.  Since I was going to be on the ground, I didnt think that was going to be a good idea later when the sun popped out.  The next Friday was set to do it again and it rained.  So this past weekend I got all dolled up again, went to go get my balloons and a few other things I needed.  Later we came home and I was just so hot and tired that I sat in my chair in the living room and rested my eyes for an hour.  I then realized I need to hurry cause I need to finish my cake and then the cake was a disaster!!!  This girl dosent bake and so then I freaked out.  I really didnt want to go buy a cake and on top of that, was it going to have the same theme or vibe that I was going for, cause I didnt want a birthday looking cake.  We ran to our local United that we have and thats where I found the cake in the pictures.  It actually turned out perfect because if you know me, you know that I LOVE fruit.  It was just a simple cake with some photo friendly garnish on top!

My husband and I then rush to find a location before the sun starts going down too much since we didnt incorporate buying a cake.  It was also a very windy day, so we needed to find some trees that blocked the wind so the 33 balloons would stay up and not be on the ground (thats how windy it was).  By the time we set everything up, I was sweating and my hair was starting to turn into a hot frizz ball of a mess.  I told Joseph that I dont think this was meant to happen, because I just feel like its too much of a pain then worth.  He insures me that we can do this and he was right!  Once I sat down and started to get the vibe that I wanted, it all turned out good.

Now on another note, I realized during this session that I HATE touching cake or icing!  I would of been that 1 year old that didnt want to get my hands dirty and you will see in the pictures of me semi freaking out.  I tried to smile and make those pictures happen, but you know what??  This is me!!  This is my photo shoot and this is what I did and that was, slowly poke my fingers in to try and not get messy or dirty! Im sure I will do another cake smash one day and I may tear that thing up, but to be honest Im just not a big cake person in general anyways.

At the end of the day, everything turned out and I don’t regret putting all the time and effort into these pictures and I actually love the way they turned out.  I will always have these memories and cherish or laugh at them depending on my life later down the road.  Enjoy!!

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