Engagement | Brandon & Amanda

November 6, 2018

Meet Brandon and Amanda. They are getting married next February and are TOTALLY in love.  This was my first time meeting Brandon and I could see the love he had for Amanda.  They remind me of two lovebirds excited to spend forever together.

I do have to say that before their session, I had really high anxiety because we haven’t heard from my father-in-law in 2 days and I just knew something was wrong.  I tried praying and shaking it off on the way to the photo session since it was 30 minutes away, but I couldn’t seem too.  During the session I couldn’t get creative because my mind was so scattered, but these two did such a great job and made my job easy.

During the session is when I found out about my father-in-laws passing and we cut the session short and they were so kind and caring.  This is part 1 of the session and soon we will be doing another part.

We went to her grandmas farm where there were so many fun options and different things that you don’t see in the city.  I fell in LOVE with this cactus that was so grown that I had to take some photos with them in front of it and also with the ring.

I am excited to see what part 2 will look like!

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