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January 31, 2019

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Last year when I finally buckled down and wanted my business to go somewhere, I had to figure out exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to represent myself to the public.  Its more than picking out your name, but its finding the style you want that best represents you.  Mine came down to color, font, logo and doing research around my city to help stand out a little different or offer products that others may not.

When it comes to branding and being the “window” to your business, I wanted a simple clean look.  I am personally not into bright colors or busyness when it comes to clothes or even house decorating, so I knew I wanted to keep it clean.  My favorite color is white and to be honest, I wanted to do a teal color or light blue for my business, but for some reason light pink kept calling at me.  My logo is actually rose gold, but depending on what device your own it changes.  I also like the softness when it came to building my website.

The great thing about logos and style is it can change when your ready for it too!  I know some people who change their logo once a year and I think it helps keep your business fresh, even for you, so you don’t look at the same thing all the time.  The reason I can see it being bad is how your clients or customers view you.  They may know that your pictures or items have a particular logo and set it apart easily.

When it came down for me to invest in what I wanted, it took me a few days going back and forth.  To be honest, I knew pretty much what I wanted and then I saw something else and I went with the something else, which is my logo now!

Below, I will share with you some watermarks that I really love, that may give you an idea if you are interested in trying to find your brand and I will also add some of mine. The ones that I posted below are the ones I chose to any kind of business.  I know there are a bunch of cute photography logos with the camera or flowers, but I didn’t want to just pinpoint a type of business. Let me know if you have any questions or would want to be go into detail my journey on building my brand.  I love to support small and growing businesses as Joyful Memories Photography is a small business!!!




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