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February 12, 2019

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My husband and I knew this was going to be a year of learning.  Since the passing of my father-in-law last year, we had a lot of responsibilities that got handed to us, that we didn’t know anything about.  We started praying for guidance and direction last year for what God want’s us to do.  We of course still don’t have all of the answers, but that’s okay, because our faith has been growing.  In the meantime of praying, God placed our realtors in our path, whom have I have been friends with for years.  One day I will love to share that story, which leads us to today.  We did have to get a lawyer and another realtor in a different state.

My husband is also in school full time and working hard at his future career as he studies all the time, since he is in the home stretch of finishing. He also works every evening part time with hard physical labor job that wipes him out.  I work a good 40 hours a week, sometimes I work more if they need it.  I work everyday on my business as I still want it to thrive, but I don’t put the pressure on myself as I did last year, because our cup is full, but still love to do it of course!

On top of all of that we spend our weekends cleaning out our garage to make room and go through his dads house.  This year my New Years resolution was balance, because I knew I was going to need it. With all of this we still have been working on us physically, trying to start a family and working on us spiritually.  That’s where books come in.  We want to make sure we have a strong foundation with all the additional stress, growth, decisions and also mourning during this time.

Before the beginning of the year we found a book called “Closer”, and its a book where we take turns reading once a week to each other about our marriage.  Its meant to be once a week and you work on the things they mention each week.  Its a small, sweet time together and we talk about it afterwards.

Today I went out to my garage to get some decorations and out there I pretty much have a small library.  When I was going through my season of growth with just God and I, I read alot and bought alot of books.  I found the book “The power of a praying wife” and “Making love meaningfully”.  I havent read the making love book yet, but I did get it for my future husband (Joseph).  These got put out there and I cant wait to start reading them.  Also below you will see the book called, “Becoming the woman God wants me to be”, is the BEST book I have ever read.  I read it when I was single and I read it when I was newly married last year.  I do think I need to read it every year.  It will change you as a woman, a better, Godly woman!

I encourage through whatever season you are going through to pick up a good book and read it for more learning!! It keeps you grounded, gets your nose out of social media or your phone and humbles you!!


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