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February 25, 2019

The older I get the more I really love molding my home into a cozy comfortable place for my family and friends.  Joseph and I talk all the time about our dream home and what we would want it look like or how to decorate it.  We really love the idea of sharing our home with the people closest to us and them enjoying it.

Also as I get older, I do love to learn new ways to apply make-up, new products and also ways to do my hair.  The internet is booming these days with people posting how to apply and the newest products on the market.  Though I am not a makeup guru and want to go buy all those products, if I am at a store and see something I would like to try, I grab it.

Over the holidays I did see Lange hair products in my Facebook feed (dang ads) and the suckered me into buying.  I do have to say it is a good company and I have fallen in love with the products.  The only thing I did buy, that I rarely use is the root booster.  I don’t know if I am applying it wrong or what, but it makes my hair more oily.  I have fine hair and even though its long, theres not alot of it, so I use the Sea Salt spray to make it have more volume.  The Rival heat shield is ah-mazing!!  It smells so good and a little goes a long way.  I like to straighten my hair for 2 days and then curl it on the 3rd day.  That is the only way a curl will hold in my hair, because it is so fine.  Yes, I do use lots of dry shampoo, which helps volumize the curly days!

Leave a comment below on some products you use that have totally changed your life or made it easier.


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