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July 10, 2019

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Jason and Cassie are our 10 year anniversary winners for our monthly giveaway!  We had a time scheduled a few weeks ago and a storm came through on our day to shoot, and it almost happened again.  These pictures may not seem like it got dark, but it did!

We showed up and it was hot, humid and the clouds were rolling in.  We started off great and the lighting was great, the couple was doing wonderful and then as we got into the grassy area, the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the wind picked up.  It felt amazing!!!

We knew our time was limited, because we could feel the rain that was coming, but it made it even more exciting to me!  The cooler weather and the wind in your hair just made it more romantic.

This couple is too adorable!  You can see in the pictures the love they have for each other.  They told me that they don’t have many pictures of them and that they had fun! That’s whats important and that’s what I want when you choose to take pictures with Joyful Memories Photography.  Yes, some pictures will be posed, but at the end of the day, I want you to have fun!  I want you to get on that ledge and have your husband walk with you, to get the in the grass and kiss your wife, and to make each other laugh so I can capture the joy of life!

I always send out a help guide on what to wear and what to do before a session and they told me that this is what they wore because it is who they are! I loved it!  At the end of the day if you don’t wear dresses and you put a dress on, it can show in your face and how uncomfortable you may feel.  If you always wear jeans and boots and you feel the most confident, I say “Go for it!”  I want everyone to know that these are your pictures and I want you to be comfortable, confident and the most happy when we are freezing time in a picture!!  I want pictures to be who you are and what you want!

I had so much fun with this couple and I am so glad I got to meet them and their adorable little family.  I had to add a few pictures of them in here, because they are so cute!

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