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August 6, 2019

We haven’t had a Rachel’s thoughts in awhile and so I thought a good time would be to share a little side love I like to do every once in awhile and that is Flatlays!!!!

If you don’t know what a flaylay is, it is where you take any item, article, food, ANYTHING and lay it down and take a picture of it.  I’m sure you have seen them around your social media sites, especially Instagram, but you may wonder why or what the point of them is.  When I see a flatlay, I see art, I see a person and what they love, I see creativity and I also see a pretty picture!! I think what I love most about them is that you can grab anything in your house, get some good lighting and a good foundation and you just made art!!!

We have a store here which alot of people hate, but its called “Dirt cheap”, they have lots of things that didn’t sell in stores and sold there for a cheaper price.  I also love Target’s $1-$5 bin  and anything that I can get my hands on to better a picture or make it more artistic.  I am no pro at doing flaylays, but it really is just grabbing a bunch of stuff and laying it out and snapping away, you make it your own.

I found some inspirational flatlays that I have found and wanted to share mine at the end.  Just remember that a flatlay can almost tell a store, it shows your passion, your favorite food, you name brand article, your love for makeup, photography, perfume and it can even show your business side and what you represent!!!


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