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September 18, 2019

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This session was a HOT session, both heat and sexiness!! I would call it a GLOWING session because of how beautiful the sun hit her.

Meet Karri!! Karri was a great trooper as I had her all over the place laying down, in water, by cactus, on a pier and around people.  She came prepared with all of these ideas and her makeup and hair was stunning!!!  I couldn’t help but capture her makeup and hair with her beautiful profile!

It’s still summer heat and so in the evening with no breeze was very hard, but she made it so much easier.  She brought her friend which as another Joyful Memories client and she helped use a reflector for her.  Amy helped so much and I was so grateful to have her helping.

I want to share that all Boudoir sessions are different and each woman want to do something different which makes it so much fun!  I love the ideas that Karri loves shoes and we got to incorporate them in the session.  We also waited for the perfect timing to do the pier with the sunset was going down!  This was such a fun session and these ladies were awesome!!

Remember that because it is a Boudoir session , I can’t share any private photos.


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