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October 1, 2019

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I give this girl props!! She traveled all the way from Wichita Falls to the mountains in Oklahoma for this session and she absolutely did wonderful!!  She came prepared with handcuffs, a whip, sexy lingerie and even extra toys!

Meet Megan!!  She is beautiful and knows her sexiness!  Megan knew exactly what she wanted and was open to any and all ideas!  One thing that I do love about Boudoir sessions is that it is a personal session and you open yourself up to being out of your comfort zone.  Knowing that some of my girls do feel in a place of vulnerability, I really get to know them on a deeper level, which makes it more wonderful forming a relationship with them.  When I have a session with my clients, I do want to build a friendship with them because they are trusting me with their memories!

Megan was the sweetest and I have felt that we have formed a friendship and I want you guys to see how stunning she was in her pictures below.

Also remember that not all pictures are available for our blog due to privacy reasons.

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  1. Farrah Hofmann says:

    Love it!!

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