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October 16, 2019

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Meet Kim!!  Kim was diagnosed with a malignant lung tumor at the age of 5 years old.  She had repeated cases of pneumonia starting at the age of only 18 months old.

In the middle of July in 2003 she was rushed to the ER in Anderson, South Carolina for what they thought was another battle of pneumonia.  After several chest x-rays, she was diagnosed with a tumor on the right side between her lungs.

The ER doctor told her mom that she would need to be rushed to the children’s hospital in Greenville, South Carolina to meet with a pediatric oncologists.  She was supposed to be airlifted but because a storm was coming in, they had to put her in an ambulance.

At the hospital, all she can remember is being taken back for more x-rays, blood work and light therapy.  Her dad was an over-the-road truck driver and was in California at the time, but he drove all the way back in about 18 hours.  Her mom hid how much she was worried and scared as best as she could being by her side.  Her brothers were staying with friends and grandparents while she was in the hospital.  Her friends travelled from 2 hours away and even her principal came to visit.  While she was in the hospital, she had so much love and support during this scary time.

The doctors told her on Monday that they were going to open up her chest and remove the tumor.  Over the weekend friends, family, church officials and even school officials all came to visit and pray over her.  Monday came and she was taken back for more x-rays several times.  While viewing the test results, the doctors noticed that the tumor was gone!  The doctors couldn’t find any trace of it.

The tumor didn’t disappear without leaving its mark though.  She does have bronchiectasis on the bottom third part of each lung and it’s completely dead.

She is enjoying life now and loves to read.  On May 5th 2019 her happiest memory as of yet is when her daughter was born!

Name: Kim Lancaster

Diagnosis: Malignant lung tumor

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Favorite memory: May 5th 2019 , the day daughter was born

Date of birth: August 26, 1997

Age of diagnosis: 5 years old

Age of remission: 5 years old



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