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February 19, 2020

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When I started back with Joyful Memories Photography a couple of years ago and decided that I am going to go for it and stick with it, even if I get insecure or no one books me.  Previous years when I started my business, I would feel like a failure if I offered a session for a cheap price or even offered free sessions and no one grabbed it, I would put my camera up and a few months later get the guts up again and try.  It ended up being a vicious cycle until I faced the fear!

I got married in 2017 and a few month later I really prayed hard for God to show me when he wants me to do to help contribute to my family, a passion, my hearts desire!  He gently laid photography back on my heart and I got super excited!  I talked to my husband about it and he was completely supportive.  Even though I was going to start off strong with a website, giving tons of free sessions, I knew this is what I needed to do even if it costs us monthly.

I soon realized that it was time for a new camera and that was a very big investment and commitment, but I still had faith to keep going forward to grow!  With all of this said, I joined lots of photography groups, talked to tons of photographers and even stalked some photography pricing and how they grouped things together, to get a better idea of what I wanted to offer.  I went from all over the map to local photographers, because each area pricing is different.

So I decided to be slightly different and also contribute what I would want, if I wanted pictures taken of me and my family AND also feel like I got my moneys worth.

In my lifetime, I have never been rich and looking at professional photography prices can even have a “taken back moment” and left wondering why it cost so much.  It costs alot because my camera is expensive, the lens can even be more expensive and the time and energy we put into our website, paying for taxes, editing software, memory cards, advertisement, wear and tear on your car and the list honestly goes on and on is why pricing is high.

With Joyful Memories Photography, we wanted to allow our clients pick which package is best for them.  Over the years, I have had many people come up to me and want 5 pictures.  They tell me,”All I want is like 5 pictures of me and my child and that’s all I want, how much is it?”  Back then I had certain packages for certain things and 5 pictures wasn’t part of that.  So we offer a mini if you want 15 minutes and ALSO what we offer is you get all edited pictures of your session (that arnt duplicated).  When I shoot a session, I will snap fast of a pose, because you have blinking and hair blowing which later I go in and choose which picture I think is best.

I also know what its like living paycheck to paycheck and so we started to offer payment plans for our clients and they can choose how much is comfortable for them for their bills and so they don’t feel a huge chunk come out of their pocket all at once.  We also require a $25.00 retainer fee for all of our sessions to put you down in our calendar.  This holds your spot and we are committed to you and only you on this date and time.  We understand that not everybody uses credit cards or debit cards, so we have no problem meeting up and paying in person, in which we do give paper receipts for yours and my books.

Social media is what is hot right now and so we like to have multiple options for our clients to have their pictures or to share with their loved ones, so we put 3 pictures of your session on Instagram, we put some of your session on this blog and share your story, we also share on our Pinterest and of course you get your own personal gallery in which you can make private or public.  Also your session will be on our website for everyone to see!

We always want to grow and over time things change, and we are willing to grow as those change to offer the best for our clients.  Each client I meet, I want to be friends with and have fun at each session.  I want to be able to capture memories and I want the experience to be enjoyable.  Sometimes being in front of a camera can be awkward or intimidating and its my job for you to relax and show me your fun side!

So for a quick glance, what we offer is:

*You pick the package that is best for you

*Payment Plans

*Online and in person payment

*Online Social Media shares (gallery, Instagram, Pinterest, blog, website)

*$25.00 retainer fee that gets you booked in our calendar for your time and date


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