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March 25, 2020

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Listen up folks!!!  If you TRULY know me, you know that I LOVE snow!  I love snow so much that I want a tattoo of a snowflake on me!  In fact my nickname is snowflake, but more because I have pale skin, ha!

On top of loving snow, my favorite color is white, so snow and white and it spread everywhere means heaven to me!  I live in North Texas and we get snow if we are lucky, but this time it was the fluffy snow that we all dream about.  I was fortunate to have the day off and I woke up and played and took pictures in it.  I also had a photoshoot which I have previously posted of Ms. Natalie in it too, she is such a beauty.

In snowed so hard and so much when we were taking these pictures!  It sure was nothing that we were used too.  The wind was blowing the snow and the flakes were so big, but like I have said, it was so beautiful, a true winter wonderland.

When I write blogs about my personal life, its because I want you reading this to know me, to trust me when it comes to capturing your memories or to just be friends!  I enjoy sharing my life, the ups and downs and I also want to post for my memories as well!

I hope and pray you enjoy ALL of the pictures that I post on my blogs of my personal life and my clients life.  I also love to post inspirational quotes and business related posts too!

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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