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October 7, 2020

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I haven’t talked about business talk in a minute, so I wanted to let you know that a few weeks ago I ordered some new business cards.  It had been a couple of years still I last ordered some and I knew it was time to upgrade.

I love my logo and brand.  I know alot of photographers after a few years updates theirs and I honestly thought about updating, but I decided not too right now.  Maybe when we move to a new location I may rebrand my business.  I am specializing in Boudoir and went back and forth about if I wanted to have another business or come up with a way to separate it.

Since my business is white and rose gold (love a clean look), I decided to not have another business, but to rebrand my boudoir to the same logo, but black!  So we have the white which is family, graduation, wedding, etc.,  but when you go over to our private boudoir group, its the complete opposite, which I love!

When I was making my new business cards, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted.  It did take me a couple of days of going back and forth and I decided to have 3!  The first one is my original logo and its square like my gift cards.  Then I have a soft edge squared business card that is black for Boudoir and I have another rose gold metallic that will also be for Boudoir, but can also be for my regular business cards.

When you are branding your business, I do know it needs to represent you, what your selling and what people will know you by.  Like I mentioned before, I love a good clean look with a splash of color!

So below I have looked up some more backgrounds, graphics, items that you can use or get some inspiration on that helped me if you do want the marble, rose gold look!

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