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November 25, 2020

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We had our first Boudi Call event at an AirBNB here in our town and we had 10 ladies sign up to be a part of it!   I knew a couple of the ladies in which I keep in contact with after photographing them, but also got to meet so many wonderful, beautiful new ladies to photograph.  We all had fun and I know every lady was nervous which is completely normal when you do something new for the first time, but after a few minutes they all warmed up.

Chaela is my cousin and she does beautiful hair and makeup and she got to be apart of this with us! You know what the crazy thing is though?  Chaela and I had a very long day, 10 hours of glamming up and photographing 10 beautiful women, but the hour of each lady went by so fast!  I say its because we were having so much fun!

We provided a caricature board to snack on, mimosas, boudoir cookies that my other cousin made, wine and cheese and crackers!  We had music playing in the background and a Christmas tree for pictures and for looks!

I am excited to come up with more ideas and another event and meet the same ladies and also new ladies! I do want to say thank you to each person involved whether working, cleaning up, was photographed, made snacks or booking the Air BNB! I honestly couldn’t of done this without you!

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