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March 9, 2021

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Iridian came to me wanting to do a Boudoir session in mother nature.  Since the weather has been turning into beautiful spring weather here in Texas, I went on a hunt to find a new location!  It took me a couple of days and then I found this beauty that was hidden by our river.

Iridian came in one outfit and the color fit perfectly with mother nature with that pop of color.  This beautiful woman is also pregnant and she glowed just like the Texas sunset in these pictures.  I will have to say that Iridian has such a beautiful heart and I loved to get to know her during these session.

At the end of the session one thing that I love to hear in a vulnerable, scary type of session is that they had fun and she told me and that made my heart happy!  This place that we were at is still a public place and people come and go through there and she still was brave, rocked it and also showed some skin!  It makes me happy when someone feels safe enough and brave enough to push the limit and push pass their comfort zone to have pictures treasured forever!

Check out this glowing beauty below in her pictures.



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