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March 23, 2021

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Senior sessions are so much fun and I don’t do enough of them!!  Coopers mom came to me and told me that I may have to work a little harder to try and get him to come out of his shell because hes an introvert.  Let me just say, Cooper came to this session rocking it!!! He knew what he wanted, how he wanted it and he did it!  I loved that!

It made me giggle because I really was ready to come to this session with all of my short cuts to get some guys to smile and he did it and I loved his ideas!  I look at these pictures and I see the confidence he has and how proud he is that this is it….this is his Senior year and he has the whole world in front of him.

Coopers serious facial expressions and smile are priceless!  He is a great guy and I am so excited to see where he goes in this life!



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