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December 23, 2021

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I saw this photo of ladies in lingerie with boots on and a blanket that looked like it was smack in the middle of winter and I thought it was such a beautiful idea!!

Of course, the picture had tall trees, a wide deck to a pond and the sky was cloudy and looked like it was about to snow.  Well, we are in Texas where winter doesn’t usually hit until February but we have that beautiful Texas sunset.

This day was actually cold and windy but these beautiful ladies braved it and we all had fun!  We weren’t sure on a weekend if there was going to be people out there fishing, but there wasn’t, so we had this whole area to ourselves.

What I love most about these ladies is that they are every shape, size, age, and beautiful! They walked out there with full confidence and it shows in the pictures.  They got so much praise and comments on our Boudoir page with women seeing that beauty in confidence in each girl!

This session was a great reminder for me that women need to get together and we need to laugh and root each other on!!! The ladies suggested dinner and a get-together so we planned that as well! I just love my job!!


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