Boudoir | Avery

April 27, 2022

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Avery was my model that I got to have to practice with lighting, poses, and play around in the new studio! She drove from out of town and we talked more about our lives than we actually shot, but I love it when my clients become my friend.

In this session, we started off with some light, but by the end, it was dark outside and we had the glow of the Edison lights to light up this Hollywood-looking session!

Avery has grown so much in the past year, lost a ton of weight, and is facing life headstrong and eager to see where it takes her. She brought a cheetah cover which I am so into cheetah as well right now, and it just went perfectly with the lights greenery, and brown fuzzy fabric we have all over the bed.

She did absolutely great and is glowing with her excitement about life. She is gorgeous and I cant wait to see where life takes her!

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