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April 28, 2022

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Audriana came in and looked so tired. A crazy way to start off a blog right? NO!!! She did and I was a little worried, but then she told me that she needed some time for herself away from work, kids, husband, her own business, and traveled over an hour to get to us! I know us women can relate to this.

As women, we put others and responsibilities before our own and we drain ourselves. We need that time away, that thing for ourselves and some peace and quiet. Once we got started, I saw Audriana and her spunky side, sexy side, and her huge heart. She cracked me up a lot of times with her serious face, but once she smiled, I snapped away!

Audriana is one of the kindest persons I have met and even made her own little Playboy shirts out of the pictures we took for her and her husband! We shared it in the group for other ladies to purchase if they want to with her business. We are all about supporting women and other small businesses, especially if it will boost other women up when they can walk around showing the world a real woman……ourselves!

Audriana did a wonderful job and I had so much fun with her. She knows exactly how to be sexy and has curves all in the best places and you cant even tell in these photos just how tired she was. She just glows!

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