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May 4, 2022

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Brittany reached out to me to do a Mommy and Me session and we booked it!! The day comes and I noticed my camera’s memory card slot 1 spring wasn’t allowing for the card to stay in. We went to Best Buy that day to see if they could fix it, but couldn’t and so we went ahead and bought another camera.

My husband did the research on still being able to use my camera to use the memory card slot 2 and we set the settings. Brittany and her 3 boys show up at the studio, I take the pictures and even show them back to them and they did such a great job! The next day I pull out my camera to load up the pictures and the pictures weren’t there. I started to freak out! In the 13 years of doing photography, this was the very first time something like this happened, but it’s always a fear in the back of every photographer’s head of the worst happening.

I usually ALWAYS use both of my memory cardholders in case something happens to one of the memory cards that there is a backup! Luckily, I did get another camera and unfortunately, we did have to reshoot, but this time we did get outside. The original mommy and me sessions were outside, but the weather and wind have been so crazy, that we had brought it to the studio that day!

Brittany did tell me that it was a blessing in disguise because she wanted to incorporate her sweet baby in heaven in the photos with her boys. The boys had so much fun being by the water and exploring!! I had to get creative to grab their attention! I know they wanted to play and they are all so cute! Brittany has such a warm gentle heart and I love that! She was so understanding and sweet with the issue with my camera and I felt so bad that she had to do this again. This family is so stinking adorable, I can’t wait to watch them grow!

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