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November 16, 2022

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Krystal is one of my best friends!! We actually met in a private school back in 1998 and we didn’t like each other. We were forced to be friends the following year when all of the other girls left that she used to hang out with. We became Boy band loving best friends over the next few years until her dad got stationed a couple of hours away in Oklahoma during our Junior year in High School!!

Texting wasn’t a thing back then and if it was, we didn’t do it as often and calling long distance still cost a lot of money back then, but we slowly still kept in touch.

Over the last decade, we have made a point to see each more, text, and keep in touch!! Well, now my best friend has found the love of her life and wants to give him a gift on their wedding day and so here we are!!! Krystal and her friend she did graduate with came down and got to do a photoshoot with me and I am so honored to be a part of her memories. I love her very much and I am so excited for the next chapter that she is walking through!!!

Here is a sneak peek of her session, but the rest are for her future husband!

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