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July 22, 2018

Welcome back!! For you to get to know your photographer, I thought of nothing better than to just share with you who I am.  My name is Joy Rachel and I go by my middle name Rachel (moms doing).  I was born in Dallas Texas back in 1985 and moved to Wichita Falls when I was 6 years old.  My husband and I currently still live in Wichita Falls, but in a few years plan on seeing what direction God wants us to go in.  We recently got married in December, so we are still Newlyweds (whoo hoo)!!  My parents raised me as a Christian and to this day I still am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and at the age of 8, I accepted Jesus in my heart!  My husband and I try our hardest to be the best followers as possible and put Him first in our lives!

As my previous blog post, I shared with you how God is the one who truly laid photographer and the desire in my heart!  I have other goals and dreams that I want to pursue and a few of them are growing my business, writing a book one day, and becoming a mother.  I don’t have the desire to be rich or “famous”, but I do want to be able to give my children a fun and exciting life! We have 2 dogs right now, named Arabella and Coco which they are spoiled by their daddy!  My husband is currently in school and working on getting his degree in Computer Science.  We support each other in our goals and dreams and we have to bend certain things to make them both work, but we are truly a team!

My husband and I absolutely love Christmas and everything that comes with it!  We had a Christmas themed wedding and even went to New York a week before Christmas to experience all the Christmas movies and see the big tree!  It was one of the things on our bucketlist and we are looking forward to Christmas now, in the middle of July!  Something else about me is that I am an only child, I’m very competitive and also love to play sports.  I love getting girly with makeup and curling my hair!  Decorating my home and making it cozy is one of my favorite things to do, but also planning for events or parties! One of my all time favorite stores is At Home, I walk in and its like the angels from Heaven are singing to me.

Something else that I want to share with you is my husband.  My husband Joseph, is 6 years and 10 months to the day younger than me.  I rocked the cradle, I know!  We have so much in common and are so much alike that it works for us.  We both come from single parents and pretty much only children and also know what struggling was like.  Because we came from that, we don’t want our kids to hopefully struggle financially.  One hard thing that my husband and I had to overcome was we are very hardheaded and very stubborn.  We both want and like to be right, but it really taught us to see which battle was worth it.  My husband has really taught me to be more tamed and chill and I do value that with him.

So this post gives you a little bit into my world and I will share more as the post go on!  This is the basics, but if you have any questions you have for us, leave it down below and we will definitely answer them for you!    

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