Portrait session | Mackenzie

July 23, 2018

This beauty loves western!  Her name is Mackenzie, 15 years old and a beautiful girl inside and out!  Shes one of those girls that when you meet, you know is going to get far in life! She has goals and dreams and I have no doubt that she will reach them!  Mackenzie has a tender heart and loves the Lord!  I have also heard her sing and God gave her that gift for sure, because her singing is beautiful!

We had a photo session for her out in the country, but also in a nearby city.  The pictures of her next to the fence was perfect for the style that she wanted to do.  Now it was over 100 degrees on this Saturday evening, but she took it like a champ!  This fence is actually on someones private property, but we jumped out of the car, went across the street and snapped some pictures.  They had such a beautiful home and property, that I knew if they came out and said something that Mackenzie could charm them with her looks (wink wink).  We wern’t out there long, but I loved how we could incorporate what she wanted with the fence in this session.

Now the next location was in a nearby city called Holiday and I had accidentally came across this area when I was looking for locations one day.  Luckily it also did have this small country road right next to it too, so that helped out alot.  We saw a bunny, I got stung by ants and some of us took selfies with a cowgirl hat (mom! 🙂 ).  What I’m trying to say is, we had fun and that’s what I want with all photo sessions.  Yes, it was hot and yes we had to wait for the sunset for just the right view and pictures, but they turned out so good!  She knew what she wanted to do and also did every pose that I asked with perfection!  This was my first session back after being off for the last couple of weeks and I did miss having the camera in my hand.  So here you go, here is the beauty that I have been talking about.



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