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September 28, 2018

The other day I was loading my pictures onto my desktop computer and when I start to do other things on there it tends to go slower, so I just jumped on the husbands laptop to do what I needed to do.  I signed into my social media site and while I was over there, I saw my own pictures and they looked horrible.  I then jumped back onto my desktop computer and it didn’t look like that.  I thought instantly, if I edited my pictures on his laptop, it wouldn’t be the same way I would edit.  I then started to think of everyone elses devices that they look through.  Josephs cell phone clarity is better than my cell phones and his pictures are more sharp and the color is so much better!  There was a time when I loaded up my pictures on my computer and the next day got on my cell phone to notice that it looked bad!  I remember asking my coworker to go to my page for me to see hers, but then hers looked good so I knew it was my phone.

So with all this being said, it kinda makes me nervous when people see my pictures depending on their device that they use.  Obviously there is nothing that I can do to change that, but then it opened my eyes to other peoples pictures.  I have seen well known photographers and when I look at their pictures I wasn’t enthused, maybe it was my phone?!

Also, I have noticed on Facebook when I load them up, my pictures are too big and it looses its clarity.  I do know there is a way I can change that, because there is an ideal picture size for Facebook, but then it comes back to the clarity and color of peoples devices.  Since social media is a good way to advertise a photography business, it does make me sad in a way that its all different.  At the end of the day I will be doing what I love and it wont stop me, but just know that you can go to my blog, on my website or my clients gallery to see my work!  I also have an Instagram and Pinterest that also has some photo sessions!

I will be more aware now of other professional photographers and their color and clarity when I see their pictures and which device I’m on. This thought came the other day, but also this blog came  to me while in the middle of my sleep, because I thought it was important for people to know about my photos, but more importantly other photographers pictures.  I love to support other photographers goals and dreams, because we have the same one and I love teamwork!!

I was thinking of ways to show the difference of what I saw, but I would have to take a picture of my husbands screen and of course it wont look the same, so I will leave you with this picture!!  I posted it today on my social media, cause I am so excited for fall!!!

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