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October 6, 2018

Have you ever gotten professional photos done and realized afterwards that certain poses or places that you smiled at the camera wasnt in your gallery?  Its because every photographer depending on the location, the sun and the pose is what will or not be delivered.  I personally have shot sessions and almost the whole area where I shot wasnt up to par with what I wanted to deliver.  The other day, I was doing a photo shoot and I had her angled but after taking a few pictures, I noticed a hot spot (sun spot) on her belly.  I had her move 90 degrees and I moved, climbed back up the ladder, snapped the picture and perfection!  I of course didn’t deliver those pictures because that hot spot was a distraction.

The bigger the group, the more harder it is to make sure everyone is smiling right, not blinking, flowers all in the same spot, heights look good, etc.  Also depending on the time of day where the shadows fall on the client or if there is a sun glare etc.  I have taken so many pictures and one simple thing was wrong with the picture was, is that they blinked.  I try and always take 2 or 3 pictures back to back just in case something like that happens, but alot of times its when we stick our memory card in our computer, load up the images is when we see the flaws or perfection or just plain life!

I have delivered pictures that wernt my favorite, but I knew would be sentimental to that client or just a silly picture for them to remember.  One thing that I always think about with almost each picture is, “Will they want this sitting on their desk or hanging on their wall?”  But I will be honest, I have delivered pictures and absolutely had my favorites and the client will post a picture on their Facebook that was probably my least favorite.  That just reminds me that everyone likes different styles and different ones of themselves.

Just remember that when you pay a photographer, yes you are paying for the time they are shooting, but also the time that they spend at home or in their office going through the pictures, editing them, delivering them to your gallery.  It may not seem like it takes alot of time, but it can depending on how big the session was.

I will show you below the example of one of my photo sessions that I mentioned above and then I will show you the funny meme that I saw that I wanted to share a little of behind the scenes of a photographer.




Before: Hot spot on left side of body

After : Glowing in the back

Before: Hot spot on left side of belly

After: Sun glow is completely behind her


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