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November 19, 2018

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Cynthia has been impacted by cancer because she has lost a loved one.  Cynthia lost her dad to Thyroid cancer on February 22, 2016.  Her husband and herself both have lost their dads and so they both were apart of our Stay Strong movement and wanted to share their stories of their fathers.

Ronald Duarte  was born on March 24, 1952 in Southern California and moved to Texas in 1994 with the Delpi Company. Ronald was a strong man who loved to work hard to provide everything for his family.  His family never was without and he gave them everything they needed in life.   His favorite hobby was working on his yard and loved to weld.

Cynthia told me that her dad was such a wonderful dad and that she was a daddy’s girl.  In fact her favorite memory was watching MASH together and then they would go lunch together after the show was over.  While talking with Cynthia I knew this man was a good one and loved his family very much and has been missed.

Her message about him was he was powerful!! His strength and love that he poured out was soaked in and has spread among others. His 65 years on this earth has made an impact on so many people and he will always be remembered.





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