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November 21, 2018

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Aaron and his wife Cynthia both wanted to share their story of losing a loved one, their fathers.

Aaron ‘s dad Micheal Robinson was born on June 20, 1951 in  Quanah Texas .  He  was married almost 37 years and had a degree in electronics and welding and worked for Cryovac where he was head of energy maintenance.  They had 4 children and his favorite thing to do was to go hunting.  Michael was diagnosed in November of 2003 with stomach and colon cancer.  When he passed he had 4 grandchildren whom he adored.  Micheal passed peacefully away surrounded by family in his house in Holiday Texas.

Aaron shared with me that his dad was a very tough dad and very direct, but did it out of love.  He wanted the best for his children and his family and worked very hard to provide. Aaron said that his dad taught him that taking care of your family is very important, because family was everything to his dad!  Micheal wanted his kids to be healthy and happy in life and pushed for them to succeed.  His has really loved going to the beach in Cozumel with feeling the sand in his toes and soaking up the vitamin C.

The way Aaron shared with me about his dad, I could tell he was very proud to be his son.  They bumped heads along the way, but a father and sons relationship is important and can be difficult.  Having the position of a mans role and taking care of family is important, but just the short time that I visited with Aaron and his wife, I could tell that his dad did a great job with instilling the importance of family and love!!


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