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November 21, 2018

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I got to meet Rebecca before we had our session because she agreed to go on a news documentary about the Stay Strong Movement.  I adored her!!!  Rebecca is such a genuine loving person and she is currently fighting the fight of her life.  Rebecca has stage 4 colon cancer.

Rebecca was born on 05/07/1970 in Olney Texas.  Her favorite things are music, movies, cooking and time with family.  Her happiest memories are when her children and grand children were born.  Rebecca is a single mom of 3 and a mamaw of 4.  Rebecca went to nursing school in her 30’s to make a better life for her and her kids, but currently isnt working, due to fighting cancer.

Back in August of 2017, she had went to the Dr because she had been having pain off and on for a few years and got some lab work that didn’t come back good.  The Dr ordered some test and diagnosed her with a fatty liver, but the pain never went away. Finally a nurse practitioner who took her serious with the pain ordered the tests she needed which discovered her colon cancer.  She went on to have several tests done and scans to make sure that this was colon cancer.  When it came to surgery, the Dr’s were originally going to try and remove it laparoscopy, but discovered once they were in there that they would need to open her up more to remove it.

Rebecca knew that this battle she was about to face was that she needed God more than ever.  To this date she has now had around 24 rounds of chemo, with 2 or 3 different types to try and kill the tumors.  With the first round of chemo they noticed that it wasn’t working and in fact the tumors were growing so they started a different kind.  As they were getting close to ending the second round of chemo, her body was starting to have a severe reaction in which they had to change a few of the medicines so she could finish that round.

She is now 48 and fighting this battle!  Through meeting Rebecca I know shes got this!! She is fighting a good fight, but also the love in her heart overflows unto others.  She is so genuine and the way she talks about her kids and grandkids, I can tell they are the light of her life! Thank you Rebecca for sharing your story and I hope that anyone else who is reading this who may just got diagnosed that you have touched them and your strength will give them strength.

Also, maybe if someone is having pain and a Dr isn’t giving you the right answers or seems to be brushing it under the rug, go get a second opinion.  There is nothing wrong with second opinions.  Remember that Dr’s are human too and they make mistakes.  Its better safe to get checked out then waste time if it is something more severe.


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  1. Sami Greenhaw says:

    Beautiful woman & pictures! I am praying for you Rebecca! Love you!

  2. Palma Howell (Pam) says:

    Such beautiful photography and story.
    Becky, you look as fabulous as ever. Love you dear friend. We are praying with you.

  3. Nancie Dodd says:

    Rebecca is my husband’s cousin and such a sweetheart. She is so strong and such a fighter. Love her and pray for her daily. You captured her wonderfully in these pictures.

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