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December 1, 2018

When I started back my business earlier this year, I had to get in the groove of things.  Every year in the photographer world it changes.  When I originally started my business back in 2009, I offered prints and then it went to disks and since I last was into my business, I skipped flash drives.  Now digital downloads are whats in and so I had alot to learn.

I had to also learn a new camera and started to take courses online to better my skill.  We launched a new website and also got a new logo.  Joyful Memories Photography offers gift cards and indoor lighting sessions as well, and these are just a few things.  We have grown alot just in the last 9 months, but we arnt done yet.  We have so much that we still want to provide and offer, but with that takes time and growth.

Just like any business, when you grow, you change your prices.  I mentioned in one of the first posts that I wrote, that I will raise my prices based on my knowledge and experience .  I feel like with all the photo sessions that I have done, the courses I have taken and still take every month, and the new gear, that its time.  We will be going up slightly, but it may go up again before the end of next year, depending on where we are.

Also, if you have read my posts you will know that I work a full time job that help provide for my family as my husband is in school full time and works part time.  With building my business this year I have put every minute of “me time” into it and have drained myself.  I will also allow myself days off and you wont see me on as much.  I still will work every evening, but will give myself a cut off time and also will make time in my calendar for me and my family.

If you book with me before the beginning of the year I will keep my prices as they are now.  I will be launching a new special on January first also, for February.  As I review my business at the end of the year to see what I would like to see different for 2019, I will definitely let you know.  These are a couple of things and there may be more, but this may be it.    If you have any questions or concerns, just let me know and I would love to answer.



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