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December 4, 2018

Yes you read it right, Joyful Memories Photography will be closed till after the New Year, whoo hoo!!!

The post before I shared with you some changes that are coming in 2019.  This post will be about that I will not be doing anymore photo sessions after the 9th of December until the beginning of the year.

The reason why is because I want to enjoy the holiday season with my family and to also take a vacation.  When you own your own business it can be hard to remove yourself and sometimes there is even guilt when you feel like you need to always put in time.

I posted before that I work full time at my “real” job to help support my family and then each evening I come home until about 10pm and work straight.  I do get a couple of hours with my husband before he goes to work and we eat dinner, run errands, etc., but to be honest sometimes my husband comes home from work and I am STILL working.  That’s pretty much 13 hour days everyday of work.

Why am I telling you this?  Its because I’m burnt out.  My passion and love for photography has depleted.  Deep down, its still there, but I can tell in my work and I’m not happy with it.  We will still be accepting sessions till after the New Year and if you book this month we will honor the current prices, after the 1st they will all be going up.

I have a community of photographers that take the same courses as me and I asked them if they felt like this ever and if they did, what did they do.  I was amazed at how many others are too taking off the whole month of December because of being tired and wanting to enjoy Christmas with their family.

I will keep posting, writing blogs and still take some times out of the day to work on my business and keep things up to date.  There are a lot of behind the scenes stuff to keep a business going that no one sees.   At the end of the day, I truly love my business and hope one day to make it my full time job.   I want to come back with a new fresh start and get ready for the new year!!

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