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January 24, 2019

What was your New Year’s resolution???

With my business this year I definitely want to push myself more, learn more, get more gear and get more creative.  Last year I built my brand, built my website and learned my style and now I want to push myself even further.

On my personal side, I want to work on balancing things in my life and work on me.  I did spend so much time last year, pretty much 9 months building and learning Joyful Memories Photography that I forgot about myself and my time.  I would work 40 hours at my day job and then 40 hours a week on my business and I didn’t give time for myself.

My husband is helping me with my new schedule and as I am writing this, it is January 3rd and its been good so far.  I have been sick so I sleep a lot and try to heal myself so I can get back in swinging of things soon!

I’m not sure when this will be posted, but I have been thinking of what yall’s New Year’s resolutions were and how yall are doing on them??  I know some people don’t do them, but some do and comment below what yours is and how you are doing on them??


Update: It is now January 24th and since I wrote this, I still was sick for 2 weeks and then sprained my ankle!  As you may notice I have put some blogs together and still putting more together.  I am excited to be back and feeling alot better!!


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