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January 23, 2019

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I met Andrea and her husband Jeremy back in March of last year when I was photographing a wedding she was attending, which was one of her best friends.  We hit it off instantly and we started talking about where each of us were from and our passions.  Andrea is a creative woman!  She is a web and graphic designer, she does custom jewelry and also laser engraving.

When my husband and I went to Colorado, we stayed at their Airbnb.  While we were there, Andrea did some laser carvings into some gifts that our other friends wanted to give for Christmas.  I never got to look at them until I got home and when I saw exactly what she did, I was amazed!!  They were so awesome and I never even knew that she could do all of this.  As time has gone by, she has gotten her ETSY shop up in which you can order, customize or buy some of her artwork.

We are all about supporting small businesses and encouraging peoples skills, talents and dreams!  I would love for you to consider checking out her website and maybe give some customized gifts to loved ones!

AFunkyArtist Etsy shop:

AFunkyArtist website:


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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! Their work is amazing!

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