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March 23, 2019

One thing that I wanted to be different than alot of photographers is my turnaround with the pictures after a photo shoot!  I know some do 2-4 weeks or longer if its a wedding.  I totally understand if a photographer has alot of sessions and trying to get them out to everyone in a short amount of time can be hard.  I also understand if the photographer has another job or juggling kids and a family.

Right now I can say that Joyful Memories Photography tries hard to get your pictures to you, all edited pictures of your session in a 24-72 hours.  We also know that life can get to us and also I work full time at a job.  Just know it is our priority to capture these memories for you and also send them to you so you can enjoy them as soon as possible.  I once did a photo session and my client asked me when she should get her pictures back.  I told her that it should be within 24 to 48 hours.  She then told me that she had newborn pictures done of her baby and she got her pictures back a few days before her one year birthday.  I have no idea why it would take any photographer that long unless they don’t have a desire to edit or forgot.

So this is our priority for you as our client and future client to help us stand out more than others.  We want a close relationship with you and want the experience to be fun and enjoyable.  Just know we really try to use the most updated software and high quality camera and gear for your sessions.  We hope to hear from you soon to capture memories and return your pictures back to you some hours later!!!


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