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March 25, 2019

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How many people reading this can say that they have lived in the same bedroom for 22 years?  Now if you are elderly and have lived in the same house for 40 years, I bet you have surpassed me.  If you are 33 like me, it may be slim pickings.  The reason why I have lived in the same bedroom is because back in 1996 my mom moved us into her first and only house she bought.  My mom was a single parent, so nothing fancy, but just enough for her family.

Don’t ask me, because looking back I see my mom was crazy, but she gave her 10 year old the master bedroom.  I wish my mom was still alive for me to ask her what let her do that, but as myself talking, I am glad she did.  My mom passed away in 2001, I just turned 16, of ovarian cancer.  I am the only child, so the house got passed down to me.  My grandpa lived with us and he passed away in 2016.  So here I am, with  my husband and we are living in the same house, same bedroom that I grew up in.

My room has been changed probably 4 times the whole 22 years I have lived in it.  I’m not big on change, but I do change as my years get older.  I re-did my bedroom around the time Joseph and I started dating.  I already had an idea and bought things for the year before until I was ready to redo it all.  What you will see below is the now.

My husband and I do not want to live in this house for our future years.  We want our own home, in which when Joseph graduates college, we will build our own.  Even though my house now is nothing fancy, it will be hard to part with it.  I know ever nook and cranny in this house and I know every hole in the yard.  Over the years, I have transitioned this home that my mom made into hers, I slowly made into mine.

A few months ago I found some old pictures that I would say is from 1999.  I was very intrigued at how much has changed, even the size of my windows to decor and thought it would be a perfect comparison 20 years later.  I tried to take similar pictures as the old one and will have the old first and the current ones under it.  Then I will just share some random photos.  I also while editing them, noticed I should of dusted, oops!!

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