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May 7, 2019

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If you knew me most of my life, you would know that since I was born, I LOVED boy bands.  I remember living in Dallas Texas where I was born and loving New Kids on the Block when I was 3.  Seven years later Backstreet Boys walked into my life and I forever fell in love.  NSYNC came right afterwards and then BBMak and then even a Christian boy band called Plus One that I went to 2 concerts to see.

All the boy bands have grown up, stepped down from the light and grew a family.  Backstreet boys never gave up and still pushed on to do what they love with their family next to them.  I think its rare to have a group all stay together over time and they not go on and do their own things, but I think BSB is more family then anything.

I found out over a year ago that the Backstreet Boys took up residency in Las Vegas and I knew I wanted to go see them there then just a tour.  Turns out it was the best concert I have ever gone too.  You know how when you go to a concert, you can just feel them tired, its the next stop, its all rehearsed and they got to get off the stage and repeat???  Well they lived here, so they got to spend time with their family and rest and just rock it out.  Of course they had things rehearsed and what not, but it was different, it was more personal.

Originally I was supposed to go back in October, but that didn’t happen and so the good Lord blessed me with going to one of their last shows, which I think turned out to even be better.  We had great seats and I was inches away from Nick Carter whom I LOVE!!!  What’s funny is as an adult Nick Carter isn’t really my type, but when I look at him, I see him through my 12 year old eyes and fall in love all over again in that innocent way.

I will just let you look at the pictures and see what we saw!!!


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