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May 13, 2019

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Lately, I have been getting alot of questions about the process of sessions and why they cost so much.  I don’t take offense to this at all, because I too didn’t know how much actually went into owning your own business and how much of your time is taken up.

Its natural to think of someone looking at me and ask these question, which they are frequent to all photographers.

“I see you for 30 minutes to an hour, why do you cost so much for such little time?” 

“Why does it take so long for me to get my pictures back?”

“I only need 5 pictures, can I have a small session?”

These are the top 3 questions that I want to go over with today.  I will start off with the first question. “I see you for 30 minutes to an hour, why do you cost so much for such little time?”  I totally understand your concern in this, because you do only see me for that amount of time depending on the session your purchase, but there is alot more you don’t see leading up to it and also afterwards.  I will go far as back as when I started my business and spending the time and energy on picking out a name and filing tax information to be a legit business, then also fast forward 10 years of learning, training, investment, gear, knowledge, classes, practice, and monthly bills to keep my business going.  Then its my time with you personally to get to know you before sessions and to learn what you need and want.  I love all of this, because I do have true passion into my business.  I work every single day on my business to keep my websites going, my analytics going and taking personal time to my clients. When you book with us, you are important to us and I want to make sure that you, your friends and family are able to download their pictures, share the links and enjoy the pictures for years to come.

“Why does it take so long for me to get my pictures back?”  I always tell my clients that our goal is to get the pictures ready for them within 72 hours of their session.  That’s 3 days and I have had them done lots of times within 24 hours.  I do work a full time job that I go to everyday and of course I sleep, eat and spend time with my family and I know the pressure that I put on myself, but I also know the importance of where your money.  When I pay someone with a job that is their service, then I too expect the best work they can do and I want you to know when you walk away that your investment in us was worth it!

Luckily with the last question, “I only need 5 pictures, can I have a small session”, we do offer minis that are 15 minutes long.  We let our clients pick the sessions they want depending on what kind they want to pay.  Either way, its my time and your time that you are paying for and how many pictures you want back.  I have noticed that on some minis I have been giving alot of pictures and we are going to be cutting back alot on those.  We don’t put a number of how many pictures your going to get, you will be getting your entire session with that amount of time, but we do have a minimal amount you will get no matter what.

The process of pictures are not only all the time that we have already spent getting the website built and galleries, social medias all set up, but when we go out we take your pictures, we come back to the office and I load up your pictures through 2 devices so they wont go anywhere.  I go through each photo and edit every single one that I will use.  The reason why I said “what I will use” is because when I am taking pictures, I snap alot in each pose in case, hair blown in face, eyes blink, anything that may come up, but I don’t give you every single picture of one pose, I pick out the best one.  I know I spend a few hours at least no matter how small a session will be with editing and loading.  We then load them up to your gallery, I write a blog about your session and load the pictures up to that, I load them up our Instagram and then also load them up to our website.  Each one of these takes time and it gets it ready for you to view and share with your friends and family!

These have been some questions people asked lately and even my photography friends have been getting and they are all legit good questions.  If you have any questions that you want me to go over or answer I would love to answer them for you.


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