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May 18, 2019

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Joyful Memories Photography wants to offer as much as we can to our clients to make their experience and the time they spend valuable for the years to come. Getting ready and preparing for a photoshoot takes time to prepare for what your going to wear, what your family is going to wear and most of my clients like to send me pictures of ideas they want and need.  So not only does it take us time to get ready for a photoshoot to capture for you, but I know that your time was also invested in getting ready.

When you reach out to us and want to know our prices, we send you our Price List and what we offer is that you get to pick the package that is best for you and your family.  We do offer suggestions in the middle of our price list for you to have an idea of which style you are needing is roughly the amount of time needed.  We think its important that you work hard for you money and its your time that you are sharing with us, so you can pick which package is best for you.

We also don’t print pictures, we don’t put your gallery on disks or USB, but what we do offer id your own gallery for you to view and download.  With this gallery, you can choose to have private or public, you can also download these pictures instantly and your family and friends can also download if you choose.  You get the privilege of sending it straight to any photo print shop of your desire without any pixels being broken down.  We also offer the print release with the pictures, so it also ready to send straight to the business who is printing.  Now-a-days everything is digital and what helps us get your pictures ready to view and have is the availability of having a gallery.

Speaking of getting your pictures ready to view and download, we try really hard to have your pictures done, all editing and ready for you within 72 hours after your session.  I know alot of businesses don’t or can’t offer that, but this is one thing that is really important that we strive to offer our clients with our business.

We also have an Instagram Page that we put three of your pictures of your session on, so you can share and like from our page to any of your friends and family.

We have a Pinterest Page that all pictures from our blog is pined to our boards.

Joyful Memories Photography has this blog also!!  I love to write about my life, my business, my clients pictures, my personal pictures to share with each of you.  When I meet my clients and I capture their family and a happy stage in their life, I want to be friends, because I want to be able to capture and watch your family grow and flourish for many years to come.  I want my clients to look back and remember this certain time or what may of happened in the photo session that was a keepsake.

Something else we offer is gift cards.  We know the struggle of not knowing what to give someone or the same ole stuff can get old.  Not alot of people want to invest in pictures or want to take the time to capture their life right now, but its a great thing to have and to give someone.  Just contact us and let us know which package you want and we will get it all ready for you.  Easy Peasy!

Thank you so much for supporting Joyful Memories Photography and for beliving in us.  We really do love our clients and cant wait to meet our future clients.  This is something I love to do and its truly my hearts desire.  I always want to keep growing, trying new stuff and get better each and everytime.

Love, Rachel


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