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May 20, 2019

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Texas weather is so crazy.  Earlier on this day, it was pouring down with lighting and thunder and I was really worried that we were going to get flooded out.  I knew it was supposed to clear up later, but with all the downpour, I knew it could possibly be bad in the grass.  Low and behold, the sun popped out, the water dried up in most areas and we got a beautiful session down in the park.

This family is my close friends and I had an idea of a daddy tea time and daddy is my hero session and they were right there in my thoughts.  Adam is a firefighter for our city and I know hes a hero to most people for what he does!  Preslee had such a great time with tea time with her daddy and Barrett wanted to go explore.  I never even thought of how heavy the helmet is (which makes sense why it needs to be) that pour Barrett couldn’t hold it up on his head, so daddy needed to help.

We got to squeeze in some family portraits before getting to the fun stuff in which I loved how they turned out.  This day was just such a beautiful day and you even have some of the grass flying like like halos in the back of the pictures!  Make sure you absorb all the sweetness in these pictures!

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