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August 26, 2019

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Sometimes it’s fun when we start to think outside of the box, like a Boudoir session in the middle of a forest of trees or even out in the open in an open pasture next to a mountain.  Either way, you can add an extra article of clothing to something you already have on, add an extra lip color with a different background, and BAM, you have a whole different look.  That is one of the awesome things about photography which is being creative and having a client who loves to be creative as well.

Meet Danielle, she knew what to do with hardly any direction from me.  She brought her inner sexy out and it showed!!  I do want to let every lady out there know that being single, married, mom, no children, plus size, small size, big hips, small boobs, big boobs, small hips, whatever your shape may be, is sexy!!! We can highlight in your pictures the best assets God gave you!!

Danielle was blessed with curves, full lips and a sexy attire and she rocked it!!!  It was very hot in the forest that day, it had just rained, no wind and humid, but she still rocked it!!

No matter if a boudoir session is in a house on a bed or a bed out in the wilderness or even in an open field, boudoir sessions are tastefully sexy.

Below you will see all of her different styles and locations.  We were going to have some pictures done in the water and we still may do those later, but the sun went down too fast!!!

Check out this sexy vixen below and tell us what you think!


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