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August 28, 2019

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Meet Carly!!! Right before we met, I did a little bit of research (stalking haha) when I was messaging her and noticed we had alot of mutual friends.  I didn’t realize that she used to work where I work now and we actually worked at the same time, just don’t remember crossing each others paths.

We went on a little journey around our downtown area to take pictures on this hot August Texas summer day, but it all turned out great!! We made sure to stay in shaded areas and the wind picked up right at the end of our session, a little bit too much wind considering there were tall buildings all around us, which was weird.

Just like most if not all of my clients, they are a little nervous starting out, but from the start she knew exactly what to do!   I love a client where they do their own moves and know what they want, while I stand there and snap!  It was a fun session just walking all over town chatting about people we know and talking about ideas of what to do with pictures.  The most important thing with me is I want the experience of taking pictures to be relaxing, fun and where you feel comfortable, because it shows in the pictures!!

Back to Carly, she has lost alot of weight (inspiration for me) and she just rocked this session!!!  She is so beautiful and has so much self confidence and I want all women to see her dedication and how hard work pays off!!!  Enjoy her beauty…..


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