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October 18, 2019

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Meet Haylea!! Haylea was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was 17 years old.  She first started having problems when she had some neck pain and went to the Emergency Room and that’s when she was diagnosed after they ran some tests.

Haylea had beat the cancer once, but it came right back and she had to have the max chemo and max radiation in which her heart couldn’t take anymore.  She had to then become her own bone marrow transplant.  They took her bone marrow out of her, froze it for 4 days and then put it back in her.

She was hospitalized for 3 months in Dallas, Texas and lost so much weight, but now is strong and living life to the fullest.  This past month was her appointment for her yearly checkup and everything is looking good and she dosent have to go back for a year!

She told me that one of her happiest memories was when they did the bone marrow transplant, because it saved her life!! Her other happiest memories is when she became a mom to Charlea and her wedding day!

Haylea started to sell makeup called Farmasi and if you have any questions on it, you are more than welcome to contact her.

Name: Haylea Bata

Diagnosis: Hodgkins Lymphoma

Favorite Hobby: selling Farmasi

Favorite memory: Bone marrow transplant, wedding and becoming a mom

Date of birth: 06/26/1992

Age of diagnosis: 17

Age of remission: 23


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