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February 25, 2020

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Since shooting our first boudoir session, we found passion in empowering a woman’s body of all sizes!

To go back a little bit of my history, I have been a plus sized girl my whole-entire-life.  I have definitely had my share of insecurities and thinking I have been sexy or attractive enough.  For 4 years of my life I worked at a plus size store called Lane Bryant and in those 4 years I have seen all shapes and sizes come in and feel defeated and then walking away with a whole new wardrobe with confidence and a smile on their face.  I remember the feeling in knowing that I helped with boosting and encouraging these ladies even when they didn’t think they could feel confident or comfortable in their bodies.

As I have gotten older, I have found out that just tweaking a couple of things of ourselves can really boost our self esteem, whether its a new hair do, that smokey eye with red lip makeup that they never tried or even that cute outfit that fits your body shape perfectly!  I have also seen the smallest of ladies be insecure because they arnt as curvy in areas where they want too be.

Of course each of us who are plus size may look at the smaller girl and question them or even the smaller girl look at a plus size and wish they had fuller body, but thats when I step back and realize WE ARE ALL THE SAME!! Us ladies have some form of insecurity because the world has made us believe that we SHOULD look like and thats not true!  We believe the lie!!

At the end of the day, I do think its good that we may have something we might want to improve, that can be a positive thing.  What I do disagree with is not loving ourselves enough to feel like we are gross or ugly because of what season our body is in right now!

My goal and dream is help any and all women of all shapes and sizes to love your body, right now!!  I want women to want to do sessions for them, more than sessions for their man!  I know men love to see the sexy pictures, but I think most men love to see the confidence and sexy look in your eyes and face that really turn them on!

I have multiple ladies who are experienced with hair and makeup willing to help boost that confidence for you to get you ready for the styled session that you are wanting that fits your personality or even puts you outside of your comfort zone.  I will have a online consultation with each lady before to go over everything about who you are and what you are wanting.  We will go over ideas, themes, clothes, styles, you name it!  Your session will be in your own private gallery that only you or whoever you want to have the password will have it!  Also, we offer inside boudoir and outside boudoir, we can do both, this is your choice.

I am excited to shoot more boudoir this next year and grow and get better with each lady!  My goal one day is to have my own little studio with wardrobe and outfits for options for you!  Message us for more information and we will gladly love to answer and set you up a date!


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