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March 3, 2020

I had a photo session a few months ago that had me thinking of why I do, what I do and the passion of the purpose. I am not (right now anyways), a photographer who airbrushes, changes up alot of the colors, adds in affects and makes the photos look flawless. I do think those are stunning gorgeous pictures, but at the end of day, its not real.  I hope one day to grow and learn how they do all of those things and offer that to my clients if they want, but I will always offer the in-the-moment pictures.
My passion is capturing the moments that wasn’t planned or catching the look of the man starring at his woman when he thought no one was watching or watching the grandpa walk off holding the littlest hand while it was everyone elses turn to take their pictures.
I know when its time for me to have children, I want to capture these corky moments because they are real moments.  If you look at social media, we all are guilty of turning a picture of us into something that reeeaaallllyyyy isn’t us.  The snapchat filters have blown up for everyone and then learning to take a selfie at the perfect angle with the perfect light has become a good thing.  I also have seen people download apps to make their skin more tan, their teeth more white and slim them down.  I get it!!! I get why we do it, but then we take away who we are, its all a fisade, a lie!  
When people reach out to me and want me to take their pictures, I can only hope and wish that they have looked at my work and want to use me as their photographer because they don’t want perfection, but more memories captured, pictures frozen in time  and pictures with their family so that they can treasure them forever.  Of course I want to make sure you are on your best side or that if you have an insecurity it is covered or angled to where you like.  In my contract I do ask all my clients if they have any insecurities to let me know so I can work with them and get them the pictures that they still love.  I too have my own and know when its time to take my pictures, I want the best angle that fits best for me.
Below I am going to share some of the in-the-moment pictures that I have captured and show you what “perfection” wouldn’t have captured.

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